5 Reasons to Ditch Ride-Sharing Apps

As a car service in Andover, MA who has been around for years, we have seen all the trends in our industry come and go. The most popular in 2017? Ride-sharing apps. They are attractive for their low cost and mobile convenience, but do they pros outweigh the cons? Amrani Chauffeurs can think of a few reasons you should ditch these apps for good.

You don't know anything about the driver aside from their name and car make, model, and year

After all, we learned as kids about never getting into cars with strangers; we're suddenly starting now? Riders are given very little information regarding their potential driver, and that is enough of a red flag for us never to want to get into one of those vehicles.

Their background checks are mediocre

There have been multiple cases where ride-sharing apps have "zero tolerance" policies for their background checks, yet drivers with criminal records who lash out at customers are found guilty of assault and other dangerous charges.

They do not guarantee the safety and ability of their third party drivers

When a company is saying they won't even stand behind their driver's skills to get you to and from your destinations safe and sound, you should never get in the car. Only work with reputable businesses who are concerned with your wellbeing.

They can cancel your ride at nearly any time

Drivers on these ride-sharing apps work for themselves as much as they work for the company, and if they decide that they waited a minute too long for you to get outside to their car, they can cancel and take off. Reliable? Not so much.

Out of towners can get you lost or even miss appointments and flights

There will always be circumstances where a seasoned driver needs directions to your destination, but someone who isn't even familiar with the Boston area? Forget about it. Our roads are tricky and one wrong turn can easily put you 30 minutes behind schedule. No one can afford that.Fortunately, Andover, MA has car services like Amrani to make your travels safe, comfortable, and affordable. Never worry about a cancelled ride, unfriendly drivers, or unknowns with us. We will take care of you and guarantee you will receive the personal care and attention you deserve.

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